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REALbasic 2005 is the latest release of REALbasic (RB). RB is the language and tool that is used to write CreaText.

An upgrade to REALbasic 2005 would have the following benefits:

  • Bugfixes: RB updates usually contain a lot of bugfixes to RB. Thus, fixed bugs won't appear in CreaText.
  • Optimisations: Later versions have faster running code, which in turn makes CreaText faster, too.
  • New functions: RB 2005 has some nice features, for example CreaText could then have an HTML preview window that works seemlessly.
  • Language: New releases also contain new possibilities in the language itself which makes it more professional. I usually make use of new language elements because they simplify, improve and optimise the code. Using API functions instead of writing them oneself is nearly always better and faster.
  • My impression: I already tried the 2005 demo and I'm convinced that it's worth to do the upgrade. Of course I'd like to rewrite it all in PyObjC, but who has time for that?
  • Your task: Write me your comments (e-mail or discussions forum), donate money, link to my homepage, everything helps.

RB 2005 Pro 18 Months updates:500 EUR
RB 2005 Edu 18 Months updates (only before September 30):350 EUR
RB 2005 Pro 06 Months updates:330 EUR
RB 2005 Edu 06 Months updates (only before September 30):230 EUR