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Version history

OpenedBook.jpg   New features in 1.5 Beta 2
  • Clipboard history fixed
  • Doesn't use WASTEfield any longer, this results in the following changes:
    • Unicode problems are solved now
    • Horizontal scrollbar works better
    • Anti aliased text
    • Service menu works
  • Insert > List entry (Cmd-L) inserts a LI Tag pair
  • New preferences for default file format (Mac, Win, Unix) for new documents
  • Tab size removed, but instead uses number of spaces when tabs are disabled
  • Once again improved syntax coloring
  • Open Recent menu

OpenedBook.jpg   New features in 1.5 Beta 1
  • WebKit Preview (Web Menu > WebKit Preview; or Command-Zero) (not 100% complete)
  • Fixed open document bug
  • Update check
  • Improved window menu
  • Improved browser icons (128x128x32 icons scaled down to 32x32x32 instead of using 32x32x8), iCab icon is found now

OpenedBook.jpg   New features in 1.5 Nightly May 2004
  • Supports Firefox and Mozilla
  • Uses a property list for Preferences
  • Default document height is smaller
  • Moving the cursor with arrows now again updates current line display
  • Optimized the current character display (about 50% faster)
  • Toolbar icons aren't corrupt any longer
  • XHTML mode uses STRONG and EM, can be used in HTML (adjust in Preferences dialog)
  • JavaScript mode which essentially changes syntax coloring from HTML to JavaScript

OpenedBook.jpg   New features in 1.5 preview release 3
  • Mac OS X style toolbar with new icons (thanks Fred)
  • Finds .app browsers (including Safari and Firefox)
  • Open source project (sourceforge.net/projects/creatext/)
  • New menu command: Edit > Show last dialog (Cmd-D) re-opens the dialog you had opened at last
  • Fixed Replace dialog
  • Uses System font size 11 instead of Geneva
  • Custom tab size is shown in the Preferences dialog (before it would always display 32)
  • For previewing files, CreaText now always uses the latest version; this means if you made changes but didn't save them, CreaText uses the altered version, not the last saved as before
  • Two new menu commands for inserting a center tag:

  • Insert > Basic > Center tag (Cmd-Shift-V) inserts a CENTER/CENTER tag pair
    Insert > Basic > Center div (Cmd-Option-V) inserts a DIV align="center"/DIV tag pair
  • Fixed the XHTML 1.0 doctypes
  • Fixed bug when cancelling when closing multiple unsaved windows would result in an endless loop
  • AppleScript menu supports unlimited count of folders
  • Fixed a bug in the Formatting dialog showing two double crosses (heavy REALbasic bug indeed)
  • Find Dialog supports auto complete (simple and only per CreaText session)
  • HTML/XHTML mode menu at the bottom of the main window
  • Arrow keys don't mark the document as changed anymore (bug in WASTEfield)

OpenedBook.jpg   New features in 1.5 preview release 2
  • Uses Carbon Declare Library 02/03 (supplies many useful functions)
  • CSS fix (dotted instead of dooted)
  • End Tag auto complete omits <FRAME>
  • Insert > Link now mapped to Command-K, so Mac OS X can use Command-H to Hide CreaText
  • Mac OS X folder icons (thanks Zaki)
  • New Preferences icons (thanks Zaki)
  • Color chooser problem fixed
  • Fixed a bug where new blank documents with HTML in it had lowercase DTDs
  • Fixed some smaller bugs in Find/Replace/RegEx
  • Recoloring when (quoted) attributes are entered

OpenedBook.jpg   New features in 1.5 preview release 1
  • Redesigned 'New document' dialog
  • Redesigned 'Meta' dialog
  • Rearranged 'Preferences' dialog
  • Carbonized release for MacOS X users available
  • Line breaks only when you enter a carriage returns -> horizontal scrollbar
  • Redesigned 'Find' dialog -> Regular Expressions
  • End-Tag auto complete
  • Scrollbar appearance (Windows Internet Explorer feature)
  • Supports HTML 3.2
  • Color chooser displays color name of selected color
  • Fixed FTP bug which would cause an application crash
  • Small bugfixes
  • Internal optimizations
  • Uses Carbon Declare Library 12/14/02 (supplies many useful functions)
  • Text encoding works now - at least I think so! please use with caution! UNIX encoding still not implemented

New features in 1.4.5

  • Improved AppleScript support
  • Some smaller improvements
  • Supports Shortcut Icons (Windows Internet Explorer feature)

    New features in 1.4.4

  • Text encoding for Windows files
  • 'Apply' submenu in 'CSS' submenu for easily applying predefined styles. Put these styles into the 'Apply' folder in the 'CSS' folder. The cool thing is: If you press the option key when selecting the menu item, the styles use a <SPAN> Tag, and with the shift key you get a <DIV> Tag
  • ”/ë bugfix
  • You can use up to 10 folders for the AppleScript menu
  • Improved color chooser (looks better, preview does not flicker)

    New features in 1.4.3

  • Copy and Cut bugfix
  • Special characters support –/„
  • Fixed separator line dialog

    New features in 1.4.2

  • Interface changes
  • Internal changes and optimizations
  • Fixed bracket matching in JavaScript dialog
  • XHTML mode is now set in every document, not globally, and some bugs fixed with this and the 'New document' dialog
  • 'Insert link' dialog ('Link...' in 'Basic' submenu in 'Insert' menu)
  • Updated help
  • Made 'Remove Resource Fork' a bit safer by not allowing to remove an application's, control panel's or system file's Resource Fork
  • Clipboard history, maybe someone can find this useful
  • Uses updated version of one REALbasic plugin which may be better on some systems

    New features in 1.4.1

  • SOME Bugfixes
  • The Exchange left two letters menu entry in the Text services submenu becomes Reverse Selection when some text is selected
  • Corrected BIG MISTAKE in the help concerning web safe colors (thanks to JP for his complaint)
  • XHTML mode menu entry in the Edit menu for better XHTML support
  • Compacted Meta Tags dialog
  • Improved Java dialog

    New features in 1.4

  • XHTML 1.0 support (unfortunately, there is no option to output X(HT)ML code)
  • FTP support
  • Redesigned CSS dialog with more options
  • Special characters functions extended and optimized
  • Small fix in the color chooser
  • Changed table dialog so the first cell is not 0,0 but 1,1
  • Improved Tag coloring
  • Improved Mimic Tag
  • Optimized Replace All function
  • Improved auto indent
  • Some smaller improvements and changes
  • Option for default Tag case
  • Some Bugfixes
  • Replaced Custom HTML with Stationary submenu (in File menu)
  • Another nifty thing: If a dialog contains only one group of radio button (e.g. the 'New document' dialog) you can cycle through them by pressing OptionTab.

    New features in 1.3.2

  • Fixed Tag uppercase/lowercase function (now doesn't affect comments)
  • Improved Tag coloring
  • Cosmetical changes
  • More dialogs support drag and drop (will be documented one day...)
  • Reactivated drag & drop

    New features in 1.3.1

  • Many bugfixes
  • Improved auto indent
  • The Image, Multimedia, External JS/CSS dialogs support drag & drop
  • I had to disable the possibility to drag & drop text within the text field in the main window and in the JS dialog because it caused a crash
  • Improved Tag coloring
  • Some cosmetical changes

    New features in 1.3

  • Shortcut for Recoloring the whole document (Command-R) and for coloring the current line (Command-Shift-R); Strict (Command-1), Frame (Command-2), Transitional (Command-3), Custom (Command-0) HTML
  • Improved CSS Support (greetings to Dennis)
  • Bugfix for 'Use settings from file' in New dialog
  • Bugfix for viewing documents in browsers
  • Improved Tag upper-/lowercase function
  • Optical improvements
  • Possibility to add own special characters (see examples; greetings to Tobias)
  • New handy text editing features (see Text services in Edit menu; greetings to Tobias)
  • Now uses WASTE Text Engine, this results in faster recoloring the whole document, Tag coloring that can change Tags when you enter or paste them, multiple undo/redo and other nifty features
  • Tag coloring uses light blue color for Image- and Table-Tags
  • Bug-fix for Replace All function (again and again...)
  • JavaScript dialog with Syntax Coloring (thanks to WASTE again - never knew that waste can be that useful) and some sort of bracket matching (not as good as CodeWarrior's) and even auto indent
  • Better support for DOS and UNIX files
  • Really updated help

    New features in 1.2

  • Real time character changing supports more characters
  • Fixed "Find selection" command in the contextual menu
  • Small improvements, enhancements and internal optimizations
  • Merged special characters, German and French into special characters, resulting in a smaller toolbar
  • AppleScript menu (supports compiled scripts and text files)
  • Compacted HTML menu, with possibility to use custom HTML
  • Option to change Tags to uppercase or lowercase
  • Also finds browsers that are not on the boot disk
  • Option to color Tags in last line when switching to next or previous line
  • Updated help
  • hidden messages

    New features in 1.1

  • Option to change special, German & French characters in real time
  • Icons for Help Viewer and Opera
  • Main window icons now hide if the browser wasn't found
  • Special character menu (also in contextual menu)
  • AppleScript support
  • Again fixed "Find" and "Find and Replace" dialogs
  • Enhanced and fixed "Document info" dialog
  • Compiled with latest REALbasic (3.2)
  • Fixed a bug in the "Table" dialog that could cause a crash
  • New options for drag and drop
  • New option in the "Web" menu and "Image" dialog to remove a file's Resource Fork

    New features in 1.0

  • First non-beta release
  • Defaults for Meta Tags
  • Enhanced and debugged "Find" and "Find and Replace" dialogs
  • File > Insert added to insert other files in your file
  • compiled with latest REALbasic (3.1)

    New features in 1.0b7

  • The Drag & Drop dialog can now use all options from the Image dialog
  • removed Real Time Tag coloring because it doesn't work well
  • many, many, many bug fixes
  • color chooser recognizes color names, e.g. white instead of #FFFFFF
  • compiled with latest REALbasic (3.0)
  • E-Mail Link dialog
  • External scripts are listed in JavaScript menu (see example addon or documentation)
  • Scripts and Meta Tags are now placed automatically into the <HEAD>
  • Form menu completed
  • two new scripts (max window, center window)
  • new, entirely rewritten table dialog
  • browsers are found automatically, you don't have to select them
  • Support for Opera, OmniWeb and Help Viewer
  • You can control CreaText from within other applications using AppleEvents (see documentation)

    New features in 1.0b6

  • Changed the creation of a "&nbsp;" from Shift-Space to Command-Space, see also the Insert>Basic submenu
  • Optical improvements
  • Lots of bugfixes, also in the Image loop script
  • Added to many dialogs a button for the easy selection of a file
  • Added new logo, thanks to Martin Herde
  • Supports drag & drop of multiple files
  • Support for forms (until now: input field, input area, radio buttons, checkboxes, selections)
  • first version of a help

    New features in 1.0b5

  • Pressing the Space and Shift Key creates a "&nbsp;"
  • Correctly opens DOS and Unix files (currently, it then will be changed to a Mac file when saving)
  • Improved Undo a little bit
  • When you put a JavaScript script into a comment, the whole script is colored red (no mistakes will be done)
  • Icons in main window are explained, color chooser icon added
  • Added Text Style menu
  • In the "New document" dialog you can use settings from an existing file

    New features in 1.0b4

  • Added more functions to contextual menu
  • Redesigned the main window
  • 'Save as...' can use either original creator or CreaText creator
  • Accelerated recoloring about 25% (but it's still too slow for real time coloring)
  • If the tag recoloring takes too long, you can cancel it using Command-Period
  • Added new function that allows the 'Insert Image' dialog and the 'Drag & Drop' dialog to use a relative path for easier including of files
  • Support for HTML 4.01

    New features in 1.0b3.1

  • fixed a bug that would change the menus to German
  • changed About dialog

    New features in 1.0b3

  • small bugfixes
  • many cosmetical and internal improvements (e.g. every EditField now supports Select all and Select nothing menu commands)
  • new JavaScript script (Image change)
  • added CSS Dialog
  • added Multimedia Dialog
  • added first version of Table Dialog (final version will be different/better)
  • new color chooser (supports HSV and is a bit more comfortable to use)

    New features in 1.0b2

  • More or less real time Tag Coloring
  • You can change German and French characters and special characters (e.g. ©)
  • Cosmetical changes
  • Removed all German words from the English release
  • Several bug fixes
  • Added dialogs for Images and Image Maps
  • When you press the enter key, holding down the option key will insert <BR>, holding down shift key will insert <P></P>
  • Tag Coloring colors Comments and !DOCTYPE

    First public release: Beta Preview 1.0 and 1.0b1
    (no features listed)