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Here are some comments users wrote me or on VersionTracker.com when they tried CreaText:

"I would like to tell you how much CreaText is a good application. I previously used BBedit for making my HTML pages but I've just adopted CreaText as soon as I tried it for the first time.
It is so great to make so easily pages and view them in 4 different browsers, it's a very cool feature and I actually don't see any better way to quickly and safely build HTML pages conform to HTML specifications and viewable in many browsers than with CreaText and iCab (to check up the syntax)."

"Thanks for creating this program! I've found it really useful. Considering it's free, it includes all the features I need to code some basic HTML pages, and it's much nicer to use than simple text or BBEdit.
This is one of the better freeware HTML programs I've used on the Mac, or in fact on any platform."

"Very handy program. I use it to write/edit and preview my ebay auction listings. Thanks for making this free! "

"I think this is a fantastic little program for simple html editing, and it's free too! I don't have any complaints - it has all the features I need to code with, and is perfect for someone like me who likes their programs to be straightforward and easy to use. "

"This is quite decent for making webpages and especially for freeware. There are some minor problems inside the table builder but still this is a good effort and will only get better if improved. "

"A very useful and handy tool, great intuitive interface and clean straightforward directions. Unbeatable price to top it all. "

"I like the tag-coloring feature and also think the css support is neat. "

"offers many handy features for free"

"Easy to use, good functionality and the HTML syntax coloring helps reading the code a lot. "

"Very clean, very useful, very good, very cheap -- no problem! "

"Love it, all I need is a Carbon version! "

"Wow! This (not so) little nice editor has tons of useful tricks to facilitate the HTML writing... it's almost incredible it's free! :-) Yeah, it's not wysiwyg, but the showing of your work it's just a click away: you press a button and, voila, here it is in your browser of choice. Besides, this program has such useful and smart things as multiple undos, clipboard history, table creation...! It even has a quite complete help and is AppleScriptable. While BBEdit Lite could be great for program editing, it seems to me CreaText is even superior to it in HTML writing. Absolutely worth a check for everyone manually coding his web pages!"

"I am most impressed. Unless I am mistaken there are a few common tags missing such as h1 etc. I have previously used HTML Editor and BBEdit Lite for most of my work but I will try to remember to use CreaText for future XHTML to see how I get on with it."

"Thanks for this. I am a beginner at html and this is a tremendous help. Sure, I can use simple text but this actually helps me learn from a new perspective. Thanks."

"I am most impressed. Unless I am mistaken there are a few common tags missing such as h1 etc. I have previously used HTML Editor and BBEdit Lite for most of my work but I will try to remember to use CreaText for future XHTML to see how I get on with it."

"I used it to do my highschool HTML project! It was great! Made it so easier to read and edit the HTML."

"Wow this is a great application. I just downloaded it today and have been telling anyone I know about it. This is just what I was looking forward, a relatively simple color coded HTML editor. I especially like the ability to launches browsers, how it parses and organizes SimpleText document(my old HTML editor). And not to even mention the color guide and tables tool. Wow this thing is amazing. I am looking forward to a fully functioning Carbonized release.[...]
This is a great application and it is free. Thanks."

"This is a wonderful app. It color codes code, it has a RGB color picker, has a table tool, launches it like 5 browsers! it is super easy, it does XHTML(not that I know how yet), coverts any plain text html document(simpletext etc) into a easy to read fully formated document similar to the way they are viewed through a browsers view source command. AND IT IS FREEWARE,FREEWARE ROCKS!!!"

just wanted to thank you for your lovely app. i started working with crea:text just a few days ago, and wat started as an regular update resulted in a complete make-over, thanx to the ease-of-use of this great piece of software.. great stuff, thanks very much!!"

"A very nice web editor. I did my entire site in it, and found it very easy to use. It generated good code (at least that's what the online web validator said) and doesn't add a lot of extra crap to weigh down the files. It's free and works well. What could be better?"

"merci beaucoup pour Créatext, c'est un plaisir de travailler avec ce freeware!
Et bravo pour la gratuité...."

"I just thought I'd send you a note of thanks and keep up the great work on CreaText!
I look forward to each Carbonized release!"

"A VERRY useful HTML editor, easy and obvious interface. And some innovative features. I used to do my plain-text HTML editing with SimpleText, this is a nice improvement without being a "WYSIWYG" editor that creates bloated code."

"Thank you for making such a wonderful application free! I'm a Graphic Designer and Web Designer, and my company uses it for just about everything web related. I can't remember the last time I used Dreamweaver. I can't wait for the OS X version, because once it comes out, I will be classic free!

If you keep this program free, you will have a lot of support for future paid programs you will want to write.

Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you for an [...] excellent product and for all future updates & bug fixes."

"I am looking forward to your latest version of CreaText. I am presently using Version: 1.4.2C and find it sooo simple and useful."

"Hello, I found a recommendation for CreaText on Techsurvivors.net, and I tried it this morning. I love it! I am a beginner just learning HTML and this is perfect for me."

"Thank you for a great program! I do all my coding in it; the color picker and the table generator are terrific."

"Very, very impressive application!
I'd prefer your Application over BBEdit any day for coding HTML."

"Danke für das Update von CreaText. Ich muss sagen, CreaText ist wirklich ein toller Editor. Ich benutze ihn gerne neben Dreamweaver. (...)
Die Neuerungen sind super."

"Thanks for a great application! I don't know what I would do without it, now that I have been using it for several months.
Thank you for writing this wonderful application!
I don't know what I'd do without it!"

"I've been a long time user of the excellent BBEdit, but decided to give CreaText a try.

It's a wonderful application. I particularly appreciate the xhtml and css support.

I prefer it to BBEdit, it's much better suited for html than BBEdit is."