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CreaText is an HTML text editor with some basic and advanced features.

CreaText has got many functions which make creating websites easier, e.g. Tag Coloring, easy access to the Mac browsers, the change of special characters into HTML entities in realtime, an Insert menu with rapid access to all usual HTML commands, an HTML color chooser, drag & drop, and the possibility to setup HTML parameters when creating a new document.

CreaText is built like a typical Mac application so you will quickly explore CreaText's dimensions. Most menus commands have shortcuts for immediate access. The documentation is not complete but explains many of CreaText's handy features.
There is also a tutorial written by Fred Taylor which explains a lot of CreaText's dialogs and and offers a lot of useful informations, you can find it here: www.fredtaylorart.com/creatext.html

And last but not least: CreaText is free! It is even so free that the source code is available and everybody can help to work on CreaText.
And what about WYSIWYG?

Many commercial web design applications offer you WYSIWYG, which is short for "What you see is what you get". In fact, these applications can only show you a preview of what the webpage will look alike. Every web browser interprets pages in its own way. So the main purpose is not seeing immediate results but creating web pages like a DTP application. But most applications (and even the most expensive ones) fail at basic editing. They don't offer any comfortable features for inserting the custom code you want.

This is where CreaText comes into play. Create your layouts with a WYSIWYG application and edit and optimize the pages with CreaText.


This is CreaText's toolbar.

This toolbar is displayed on the top of every document window.

The left side features buttons with often used functions.

Save - When it displays a red button, the document hasn't been saved since the last change. The green button (seen in the image above) shows that there was no change.

Recolor - CreaText doesn't have real time HTML coloring, so it can sometimes happen that your code is not fully colored. Hit this button to let CreaText recolor the HTML tags.

Special - Changes all special characters to HTML entities. There is also the possibility to have them changed in realtime, but some users may find that it makes the text unreadable and so want to change the special characters after the text writing is finished.

Chooser - Open CreaText's color chooser, which eases color selection dramatically.

State - The state button cannot be clicked, but it shows information about the state of your document. If everything is ok, no icon will be displayed. If your document has not been saved at all, the above icon will be displayed. Another possibility is when you opened a read-only file (maybe from CD-ROM), glasses are displayed.

The right side shows all Web browsers CreaText found on your disks. When you click on one of them, the corresponding Web browser is launched and then will display the current document (no matter if it's saved or not).
In the image above you see all browsers that CreaText supports.
Plus, CreaText can use Apple's WebKit on Panther Macs to display a preview of your page next to the editing window.


The color chooser allows you to choose a color using the RGB- or the HSV-model or even the Apple Color Picker.

The color chooser has a pop-up menu that lists every HTML color name and will select the appropriate color values for you.

When you select an HTML color in your document, the color chooser will display the RGB- and HSV-values when you open it. Inserting will also replace your old color.

Additionally, every CreaText dialog which uses colors is connected to the color chooser so you can reach it easily everywhere.


Table dialog   CreaText features an "Insert" menu which provides easy and quick access to most of the HTML commands. For every HTML tag CreaText offers a dialog which helps you selecting the values you want.

One of the very nice features is the table dialog (see image left) which assists you at creating tables. Unlike "table wizards" in other HTML editors, it not only lets you select how many columns and rows you want to have, but you can also manage colspan and rowspan values, which are shown in a draft.

In the image on the left you see that draft and you can recognize there's a cell selected with a rowspan value of three. You can now also set the often used values width, height and color for every cell or the whole column or whole row or for all cells at once.

Now is that comfortable or what? ;-)


CreaText supports latest technologies like Cascading Style Sheets (Level 1 and Level 2).

You can easily set up many CSS features in the CSS dialog.

CreaText also supports choosing an external style sheet, and a reference to it will be placed in the <HEAD> of your document.


CreaText also helps you to create new documents.

When you select "New document..." from the File menu, the New document dialog is shown.

It is divided into three sections:

Basic - This lets you setup if you document should be Strict, Transitional, or Frame, and if you want HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 (yes, CreaText supports XHTML). You can also enter a title which will then be placed into the <TITLE> tag of your document.

Appearance - This lets you select the colors for the background, the links and even the Hover Link (the color when you go over a link with your mouse). Of course, you can access the color chooser from here. On the right side there's a preview, which gives you a basic overview of how the document will look.

Other - These features other setups - currently only the Meta Tags.

The "Use settings from..." button lets you select an existing HTML document. CreaText will then try to extract all of the setups there and fill in the appropriate values in this dialog. "Blank" simply opens a blank document.