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November 2005: Mini Update
Hi, no news for a long time. I'm very busy at the moment, so b4 will bring only bugfixes for issues I discovered in the meantime. Download here.
At least I made some updates to website, and I now manage it using rest2web, which is very nice and easy to use.
May 05, 2005: Tiger Trouble solved with 1.5b3
Here is a quick fix for Tiger. Those Panther users that had trouble with 1.5b2 should also be happy now. Download here.
April 17, 2005: Small update
I uploaded a minor update for CreaText 1.5b2. It has three changes:
  • The Open Recent menu displays the Unix path of an item
  • Recoloring a document is done in a seperate thread, so you can work while CreaText is recoloring (this is still in testing)
  • The application icon has a better mask (looks finer in the Dock)
Download it here.
March 01, 2005: CreaText 1.5 beta 2
Hey friends!

I did some work on CreaText, and I'm proud to announce that CreaText 1.5b2 is ready to download!
The biggest change is that I removed the WASTE text field and replaced it with the built-in text field that comes with REALbasic. At first, this meant less features. The WASTE field had some functions I had to write for myself. When that lenghty task was finished, the standard field could be used. This change has the following effects:
  • Anti aliased text
  • Support of the Mac OS X services menu
  • No Unicode problems
  • Will be supported in future version of REALbasic, the WASTE field was too old
  • No problems with the horizontal scrollbar
  • The tab sizes cannot be set; instead I added an option to set the number of spaces that get inserted when no tabs should be used
  • Mouse wheel scrolling is supported
Additional improvements in CreaText 1.5b2 are:
  • Clipboard history is fixed
  • An option in the preferences for the default file format for new documents
  • Command-L or Insert > List entry inserts a <LI>Value</LI> pair
  • The syntax coloring is improved
  • And last, but not least: An Open Recent menu
There are also some minor fixes (e.g. in the Table dialog) and the source code has been improved (refactored). I think CreaText will benefit of my diploma where one of my main topics were Design Patterns.

Another topic: I'm preparing a localization for 1.5 final. I'll translate it to German. Whoever wants to add another language, please contact me.
June 13, 2004: CreaText 1.5b1
Ok here's the first release made on my PowerBook. I now call them beta versions, this makes the version checking easier (so after pr3 comes b1).
I think beta 1 brings some value. The toolbar looks good now, even finding iCab's icon. CreaText can make use of WebKit to preview pages internally, though this is not yet perfect; open it with Command-0. The editing mode can be set to JavaScript so it colors your syntax this way. See the what's new file for more changes.
And please report bugs.
Sticky Linking to my page
Hello friends!

If you'd like to support CreaText not by donating, just put two links on your homepages: To "http://creatext.sourceforge.net/" and to "http://www.soutier.de/". This gives me the possibility to earn some money, and so I can continue to invest into the Mac platform, spend time improving CreaText and you get better and better releases without even paying for it. Everybody wins - so is this a deal? ;-)
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